Vista Interface in Windows Server 2008

Some of you might have come across Windows Server 2003 or 2008 Operating systems. If you notice the interface in either of these operating systems, it looks like the contemporary classic theme/interface available in Windows XP or it looks more like the interface that was available in Windows 95. And, this interface is enabled by default in all Windows Server operating systems.

Here’s a screen shot of what it looks like.

Classic Interface

People who have been smitten by the glossy interface in Windows Vista might find this interface quite annoying and some may not like it at all.

Here’s a solution to enable the Vista style interface.

1. Go to Start -> Programs -> Administrative tools -> Services

Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Services

2. In the Services window, select Themes and double click on it.

Select Themes from the Services Window

3. In the General tab, the Startup Type will be disabled by default, and the Service Status would be stopped.

Startup type is "disabled" by default

4. Change the Startup Type to Automatic, and press the Start button.

Startup type changed to "Automatic"

The "Themes" service is started after clicking the "Start" button

5. Click Apply & press the OK button. Now you can choose Windows Vista Basic interface from the Appearance Settings dialog box.

Choosing Vista Interface

6. Now the Vista style interface is enabled in Windows Server 2008.

Vista Interface Enabled

If you get to use Windows Server 2008 in the future, and if you face this problem, the solution is very simple.

Have fun 🙂


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A PeopleSoft Techno-functional Consultant. An engineering graduate in Computer Science. Technology Enthusiast. Movie freak. Gadget geek.
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