Hardware Troubleshooting Tips

Hi everyone,

It’s been exactly 3 weeks since my last post. I’ve been involved in a Java project and its been taking up all my time. Sorry folks. 🙂

In this post, as the title suggests, I’ll deal with various issues that are related to hardware. Like, what is to be done when your PC doesn’t boot or your monitor flickers a lot and a lot of other things as well.

I’ve made this post, more like a Q & A session, so that you get an insight into what is to be done. So, lets get started. 🙂

Q : The lower right end of my monitor is slightly pinkish and also host to a few other colors as well. How do I make it normal again?

A: This problem is caused when your monitor suffers mechanical damage or has been up and running for quite a few days. The display turns slightly pinkish with a mix of other colors as well.

So, the solution is simple. You have to simply Degauss the monitor. You have an array of buttons available on the panel of your monitor. All you have to do  is search for a feature that looks like an horse-shoe magnet.

Select it once and your monitor will flicker. And presto, your monitor will be as good as new. 🙂

Q: I switched on my CPU this morning. The LED on the cabinet glows but my system does not boot. My monitor does not display anything and the LEDs on my keyboard don’t glow either. What could be wrong?

A: There are quite a few possibilities for this issue. One, your RAM might be dusty and might need a little cleaning up. Two, the problem could be with your SMPS/PSU. Once you’re done cleaning up the RAM, insert it back into the slot and your PC will be up and running in no time.

If this is not the case, the problem is most probably with your Power Supply Unit, which you can verify by connecting the PSU to some other PC.

Q: I’ve just formatted my PC with Windows XP SP2 and when I try to put my system on stand-by, the Stand-by icon is disabled. What do I do?

A: The answer is very simple. To have the Stand-by mode up and running, you should have Graphical capabilities enabled on your system. What should you do for that? Simple. Install the Graphics drivers from the CD that came with your Motherboard. All done. 🙂

Q: I had password protected my BIOS settings and I don’t seem to remember the password now. How do I get access to my PC?

A: The solution lies in your hands. Locate the CMOS battery/cell in your Motherboard, take it out carefully, clean it free of dust particles (if necessary) and put it back to its rightful place. Boot your system and it’ll be as good as new. 🙂

Q: I’m no longer using a folder in the E drive and I want it to be deleted. When I press SHIFT+Delete, all I get is a message box that displays something like – “Access is denied. Cannot delete file or folder”. And I’m desperate to get it deleted from my system.

A: This problem is caused when one or more of the files inside your folder have a long file name. When the file name exceeds the permissible limit, you can neither delete it using the keyboard or from the command prompt. So, what is the solution you ask?

Download the DelInvFile application from here and navigate to the folder you want to delete. This application is easy to use and you can get rid of the folder that has been troubling you all the while. 😉

But, there is one limitation. The download available on the website is a Demo version and can help delete files or folders only up to a specific limit. 🙂

So, I’ve reached the end of this post and will update this post, as and when I get suggestions and ideas on how to resolve specific hardware issues. Have fun everyone. 🙂


About Manikandan Surendren

A PeopleSoft Techno-functional Consultant. An engineering graduate in Computer Science. Technology Enthusiast. Movie freak. Gadget geek.
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