Modifying Date Format Display in PeopleSoft

This post lists the ways in which you can change the display format of dates in PeopleSoft. To be specific, this behavior determines how dates are being displayed in date fields on your page. The date format is chosen in the following order of precedence.

1. My Personalizations Page

2. Locale Defaults 

3. System-wide defaults


1. Using My Personalizations Page

Navigate to Main Menu > My Personizations > Regional Settings

In the Date Format drop down, select DDMMYY or a date format of your choice



2. If there are no personalized date format from step 1, then PeopleSoft would look at the Browser language settings, get the locale code (usually en-us(for US English)) and fetch the appropriate date format from Main Menu > PeopleTools > Personalizations > Locale Defaults

Do a find for Date Format and look at the locale code corresponding to your preferred browser locale code. If it is a Y, then the date format would be in YYMMDD, if M then MMDDYY and if D then DDMMYY.

Date_Format1 Date_Format2


3. A system-wide date format can be specified in: Main Menu > PeopleTools > Personalization > Personalization Options

Select PPTL from the Search Page

Click on the Format tab

Scroll down to DFRMT

The system-wide date format would be specified and the same can be overridden as well.


The previous post gives details on how to retrieve the Date format taking into consideration all steps listed above. Hope this would be of help!! 🙂


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