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5 Years!

It’s been 5 years since I started this blog. What started as a result of trying out different open-source software, gradually evolved into PeopleSoft and other code snippets. This blog has helped me jot down important points and code snippets which I have … Continue reading

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Using NVL2 Expression in PS Query PeopleSoft

Recently, I faced an issue wherein I had to create a PS Query which would return the text ALL if the bind variable was null and return the actual bind value, if non-null. Came up with the following expression, but it didn’t … Continue reading

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Dynamic Where Clause in PeopleSoft PS Query

Its been more than a month since I had new post. Here goes. 🙂 I had a peculiar situation wherein for a particular PS Query, there were 3 bind variables. One of these three was mandatory and the rest had to run taking … Continue reading

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