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Issues with %Language_User in Application Engine PeopleCode/PeopleSoft

A recent requirement was to obtain the sign-in language of a user while running an Application Engine  process and use it to fetch non-english language characters. Tried a host of %Language variants in Application Engine PeopleCode, but none of them … Continue reading

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Issues with Japanese characters in CSV file – Application Engine

All, I had a very different issue lately. My requirement was to generate a CSV file from an Application Engine. The CSV file could contain Japanese or English characters. The Japanese characters were retrieved from Message Catalog and the English characters … Continue reading

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Changing Default Operator on Search Page

Ever wanted to change the Default operator on a Search page – where in a drop down, you have the option to select <=, >= or Contains? Look no further. All of this can be done (to a certain extent) using … Continue reading

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