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Get Server Name of Current Process in PeopleSoft/PeopleCode

Here’s a PeopleCode snippet that you can use to obtain the server name where a process is being run. As mentioned, you’d have to pass the Process Instance to get the server name. Hope this helps. 🙂 Advertisements

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Oracle SQL to extract Directory from filename

Recently, I had a requirement to extract just the directory name from a file name. The code snipped provided below does just that. where :1 is the full file name(along with the path) :2 is the directory separator For instance, This code … Continue reading

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Moving/Renaming a File in PeopleCode using Java

It’s been a while since I posted. Here’s a code snippet that allows you to move/rename the file from one directory to another directory using Java functions in PeopleCode. These commands work on both NT and Unix servers. Hope this … Continue reading

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