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Delete PS Queries assigned to a User

Quick post after a very long time… 🙂 Here’s a code snippet that you can use to Delete PS Queries that are assigned to a particular user. Hope this helps! 🙂   Advertisements

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SpreadSheet Journal Import in PeopleSoft – Solving User ID Issues – Excel 2016

We’ve been using the JRNL1.xls file along with JRNLMACRO.xla file for PeopleTools 8.53, to import Journals into PeopleSoft FSCM 9.1 – all with lower versions of Excel. However, with Excel 2016 installed on their workstations, users thought they could start … Continue reading

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BI Publisher Report runs to No Success -End of Memory Error

Hi all, Here’s an issue we had encountered while running a BI Publisher report – that was supposed to be generated via an Application Engine. Provided below is the error message that was written to the log file. Caused by: java.io.UTFDataFormatException: … Continue reading

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Excel to CI utility not working in Excel 2016

The Excel to CI utility that comes with PeopleSoft is very useful when it comes to loading multiple rows of data from an Excel template onto PeopleSoft. This seems to have been working fine with Excel 2007/2010, but failed with … Continue reading

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Using Colon in an Expression result in PeopleSoft PS Query

Here’s a quick PS Query snippet : If you’ve ever wanted to use a colon in an expression – say something like displaying a colon between HH(hours) and MM(minutes), PeopleSoft PS Query would throw an error – because the Query … Continue reading

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PeopleSoft TNS:no listener Error with Application Designer

Here’s an issue I had to resolve on my PC when I switched Wi-Fi networks. Firing up Application Designer would result in a TNS:no listener error. While the primary troubleshooting step would be to look for firewall restrictions on the Port being used, … Continue reading

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Issues with Microsoft Word 2010 and Oracle BI Publisher 11.1.1 for PeopleSoft

I have PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 running with PeopleTools 8.53, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and Microsoft Word 2010. When I tried to install Template Builder for Word, I could not see the BI Publisher tab right away, eventhough the installation completed successfully. Googling … Continue reading

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